Diary of a cat socialiser: kitten Tim finds a home

Battersea kittens: kitten Tim looking at fish on a string
What IS that green thing?

There’s good news and bad news at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home.

The bad news is that there’s a nasty bug on the cattery intake floor and sadly one kitten hasn’t survived it.

The good news: there’s been a high level of rehoming lately, so a lot of Battersea kittens and cats have found loving homes.

There are still plenty of cats and kittens to be rehomed, though.  

On my last visit I had lots of cuddles and games with kitten Tim, the sweetest, but still very playful, kitten.  This is the gorgeous little fella in these photos.

Battersea kittens: kitten Tim getting closer to fish on a string
If I catch it can I eat it?


Battersea kittens: kitten Tim reaching out lovingly
Will you take me home?

Cats all have such unique personalities – even as kittens.  Kitten Tim has a gentle soul. When he grows up I’m sure he’ll give his human family all his loving (cue for a song) in return for cuddles.  And then he’ll go exploring.

At the other end of the spectrum I spent some time with Danny, a friendly 14 year old cat – black with a white bib and boots – very dapper!

Danny was more interested in quality head rubs than playing.  He just wanted a little bit of love and affection (hold on, is that another song?).

Danny enjoying the attention of a Battersea cat socialiser
Dapper Danny

Older cats like Danny may take longer to find a home, but they are so rewarding, repaying your kindness with lasting love and loyalty.

At Battersea the cats are carefully assessed so they can be placed in their ideal home.  For example whether they will flourish in a home with other cats, a dog or children. So their “preferences” count too!

My final piece of good news for the week – a family came to take kitten Tim home with them while I was there!

The rehoming staff work so hard to match cats with prospective owners and it’s always such a happy moment when everything comes together and a cat like kitten Tim finds their forever home.

For more information about Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the dogs, cats and kittens available for rehoming visit http://battersea.org.uk



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