Diary of a cat socialiser: kittens galore

Battersea kittens
kittens galore!

Today didn’t start well when I trod on a wasp making breakfast (me, not the wasp).  I admit it was even worse for the wasp who didn’t survive the encounter.  

My foot was painful, but I was determined not to miss another day at Battersea.  Last week I was providing culinary entertainment for my amazing (90 year old) father in law on his annual pilgrimage from up north to visit us.  So after swallowing antihistamines and paracetamol I limped off to the station.  

Once in the cattery I forgot all about my foot.  For starters, my first feline of the day was wearing the cone of shame following an operation, and desperately wanted head and chin rubs and lots of love and affection.  I was happy to oblige!  Sorry Nugget, I haven’t managed to rotate your picture properly, but you still look beautiful the wrong way up.  Me, not so much, but fortunately I managed to leave myself out of the shot.

Battersea cat Nugget
Nugget wearing the cone of shame

Simba, another white cat, appears to like nothing more than putting his paws round your neck and touching noses.  Well, he likes cuddling and purring a lot too.  His owner “gifted” him to Battersea because their new landlord doesn’t allow pets.  This is such a common problem –  and heartbreaking for the owner and for the pet.  Simba has to be one of the most loving, demonstrative cats I’ve come across at Battersea and I hope it isn’t long before somebody else falls in love with him and takes him home.

There are quite a few kittens on the intake floor at the moment too, and I got to play with some of them today.   How lucky am I?

Rainbow, only a few weeks old, came in as a stray.  It’s hard to believe anyone could abandon a helpless little animal so – being generous – perhaps she ran off and got lost.  Rainbow is timid and took a while to pluck up the courage to approach me.  She was also extremely wary of the scary monster known as fish on a string …

Battersea kittens: Rainbow
Rainbow and the scary fish on a string monster

Rainbow is (clearly!) super cute – and once she gets over her shyness with people and (other) monsters, she’s a playful, cuddlesome kitten.  I don’t think she’ll be hanging around at Battersea for long!

I was sorry to leave the cats, kittens AND the beautiful cool air conditioning in the cattery today – yet another record-breaking hot day in London (I’m really not complaining about the glorious weather though!).   

For more information about Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and the dogs, cats and kittens available for rehoming visit http://battersea.org.uk

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