My 30 day challenge to start this blog

my 30 day challenge to start this blog

I was due to retire on 10 May and knew I would need new projects to give me focus, as well as continuing with the ones I was already doing.  I kept getting emails from some guy called John Williams trying to sell me his 30 Day Challenge, a 30 day programme designed to get people to achieve something significant in a month.  I kept resisting, but at the same time couldn’t help going back to the emails and the website to re-read the hype (as it seemed to me).  The timing was pretty good.  I retired on the 10th, so although the 30DC started on 1 May I would have almost 3 weeks after I finished work.

After a lot of indecision I decided to go for it.  I wasn’t clear what I was going to try to achieve, but John promised to help with that.  The Challenge started and I finally decided my project would be this blog, aimed at women in the same situation I was in a few years ago, stressed and overwhelmed by work, wanting a happier and more meaningful life beyond their career.

The last 4 weeks have been a roller coaster ride – I’ve been high one day and the next day feeling totally inadequate, wondering who on earth I thought I was to give advice and support to others.  But 30DC is such a supportive community and there are webinars and resources to steer us on our journey to achieving our big ideas.  I’ve gone from finding it difficult to “put myself out there” in the smallest of ways to feeling kind of comfortable (most of the time…) with the idea of just doing it and seeing what happens.

The technical side of setting up a blog has been incredibly challenging too – speaking as a technophobe.  I know my blog isn’t technically perfect by any means, but it is 150% better (innumerate too) than anything I would have thought I could achieve!

So we launch our ideas tomorrow, 30 May, and open them up to scrutiny by the 30DC community and I will go live with my blog – a daunting but also exciting prospect! I wouldn’t have achieved this without the focus and support provided by 30DC.  If you think it would help to have an online focus/accountability group to support your steps towards changing your own life, please let me know.

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  • Would love to join you on the journey: I started mine exactly a year ago. The challenge is also not to lose one’s confidence and identity as one becomes the housewife – something I’m not very good at – one tried so hard all those years to avoid being. It took me a while to realise that the problem is that you’re taken out of your comfort zone and tend to revert to doing the things you learned and know how to do in your day job. So developing new skills is key and enjoying the freedom without fear: it’s like being a teenager again: I’ve even had the occasional opportunity to remember what it feels like to be bored!

    • Thank you for this comment and for the link Damaris. I know your comment relates to smell the roses, but a gremlin in the workings of the blog seems to want to link it to a different post!

  • This blog is a real inspiration to us all. We can become so absorbed in our busy working lives that we forget to do the things that make us feel content about life, that make our minds function properly amongst the fast pace of work. We have to be told how to enjoy life again because we all forget too easily and this blog helps us to achieve that. I really look forward to learning more and putting the ideas into practice.

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