my story - working towards a happy retirement

Hello!  I’m Jacky, a retired lawyer working to create a happy retirement.  I live with an intellectual partner and a crazy cat.  I love photography, animals, learning new things, being by the sea, being in nature, cake, more cake (but biscuits or chocolate will do if there’s no cake…).  I hate injustice, arrogance and unkindness.

Soliciting (legally speaking) was my second career – I used to work in a university until a mid-life crisis made me think I wanted to do something more challenging with my life, so I cut the household income in half and retrained as a lawyer.  The total change gave me a new lease of life.

Eventually the day came when I realised retirement wasn’t just a distant mirage any more – it was a few short years away.  I started to think about what I could do to create a happy and meaningful retirement.

That’s when I started “practising” for retirement.

I was lucky to have the financial stability to be able to gradually reduce my working hours. The first thing I did was  enrol on a photography course.  Having space to myself on a week day was wondrous.  Unleashing my creativity was life-changing!  

I also started volunteering at my local animal shelter, and this is still a mainstay of my life in retirement – as is photography.

Having more space for these and other activities, as well as simply having time to be a more caring partner and friend, gave me a new perspective on life.  I had always been a workaholic perfectionist with my career as my main focus. Now I had reclaimed my life!

My retirement is a continuation and development of the actions I took to create a meaningful life beyond work.  In fact this blog is one of the activities I embarked on to give me a new focus – and I have plenty of others on the go and in the planning stages.

I hope my experience and musings give you inspiration, encouragement and support to create a bold, brilliant, happy and meaningful retirement for yourself.