my story - there's more to life than work!

Hello!  I’m Jacky, a recovering lawyer building a new life beyond my career. I love photography, animals, learning new things, being by the sea, being in nature, cake, more cake (but biscuits or chocolate will do if there’s no cake…). I hate injustice, arrogance and unkindness.

Soliciting, legally speaking, was my second career. A mid-life crisis lured me into cutting the household income in half and retraining as a lawyer.  

I loved the excitement and the new challenges. But I sold my soul to my job – yet again. A hard-core perfectionist, I worked long hours to try to attain my own impossible standards.  

I was heading for burnout, but didn’t recognise the symptoms as the physical and emotional effects of prolonged work stress and perfectionism.

At my lowest ebb it dawned on me that I didn’t really have a life outside work. That I had always given priority to my career and hadn’t even been aware of it.

There were so many things I used to dream of doing. Dreams I’d never had time to fulfil, which I’d all but forgotten. The years had passed by so quickly – how could I already be over 50? If I didn’t make big changes soon I would wake up to find life had passed me by.

At that point I decided I had to reclaim my life.  

I was lucky to have the financial stability to be able to cut down my working hours. The first thing I did was enrol on a photography course. Having space to myself on a week day was wondrous. Unleashing my creativity was life-changing!  

I also started volunteering at my local animal shelter, and this is still a mainstay of my life today as is photography.

Having more space to follow my passions, as well as just having time to be a more caring partner and friend, gave my life new meaning and purpose.

Quite simply, I was so much happier. I no longer just lived to work.  

In 2017 I took the plunge and retired completely and continue to pursue my goal of building a meaningful life beyond my career.  

I am sharing my experience and insights with you in this blog to inspire, encourage and support you in creating your own happy and meaningful life beyond your career.